"It is time to pull the plug on the show. Cancel Twisted and put it out of its misery. It isn’t just stuck in a rough spot anymore. There is no way to get out of the mess that is the plot. It is just bad."

- Lauren Wheeler ( Celebrity Cafe) 👏

So is ABC Family Going to Announce Twisted’s Cancellation…or Nah?


Don’t play…


Remember when PoorJo’s tears were screaming that Lacey was a cheater in 1A but now all of a sudden in 1B they are so quick to call their great master Chuck and cry out to the great gods of 773 when someone says that JoIsTheOne made out with her brother…

Oh Chuck You’re Quit The Character

Showrunner Chuck Pratt Jr. told TVLine that despite the series not being renewed yet he remains hopeful. 

“It’s totally up to ABC Family to say ‘Do a cliffhanger’ or ‘Don’t do a cliffhanger,’” he explained. “Nobody told us to put on the breaks, or wrap it up, so there’s always a chance we’ll come back.” 


I Live For These Reviews


“Charlie shows his true colors by becoming the great manipulator and crazy person everyone knew him to be, except Jo. Oh, poor Jo Po.”

“Twisted is not just the Jo and Danny show. (Remember when Lacey was a good character who was involved in things? Me either, it’s been that long.)”

“It’s completely predictable. There is more showing than telling.”

“Lacey, like the smartest person on the show, says that she can’t trust Whitney.

Twisted needing to be cancelled, the main reason that viewers loved Twisted was the friendship between Jo, Lacey and Danny. However, the writers have completely thrown that out the window for some stupid love triangle. Danny and Lacey had a good thing going until the writers decided that they needed to listen to the fans and make Danny suddenly fall for Jo in one episode. But that is neither here nor there. Let’s just pretend that they didn’t rush this stupid romance on us.”

“Gone was a lot of the edgy tension that had set Twisted apart from a thousand other teen dramas.”

“Jo as written is well-nigh unendurable. Jo shrilly defended Danny at every turn when she thought he was a sociopathic murderer, but after she learned for a FACT he had not killed his aunt AND witnessed him killing Vikram in self defense, at THAT point she turned on him and told him he was a pre-meditated murderer and as bad as his father? Way to blow a season’s worth of character-building AND make your proxy look extremely petty, show.”

“Lacey tried to renew their friendship, Jo started sucking her teeth over the friendship they COULD have had, if Lacey had not grown as a person between ages of 11 and 16. While Jo can forgive Danny for just about anything, Jo’s anger toward Lacey is as bottomless as her sweater drawer. And let’s be real, Jo has the most comfortable situation on this show, even if she devotes all her time to pitying herself for getting her ass involved with other people’s problems. I’m sure whoever broke this season’s arc thought Jo would be the lovable, loyal underdog we’d all be rooting for in the face of the stereotypical “pretty-girl bitch” Lacey, but if that’s the case, Lacey Porter was woefully miscast, because Kylie Bunbury has made the character so damned likable.”

“Bunbury has delivered a consistently nuanced, sympathetic, and endearing portrait of Lacey that’s turned a “popular mean girl” stereotype into something vulnerable, unique, and very human. Lacey and Danny have insane chemistry, and despite the fact Danny and Jo have lied to her at every turn, she’s been more loyal to Danny than even Jo has been. For Danny to consistently shun, cold-shoulder, and ultimately desert Lacey in favor of the increasingly petulant Jo not only felt disconnected to what we were seeing onscreen, but sort of hilarious. I mean, the premise is that these three are Ultimate Best Friends, except neither Danny nor Jo ever talks to Lacey, apparently? Lacey is a compelling character and watching her be left out in every episode since the winter premiere felt like a contradiction of the relationship-building she and Danny had done.”




Anonymous said: I think it's weird how in episode 10 , Danny was sad about the break-up but now all of a sudden he's fine with it .

Danny 1A is probably looking at Danny 1B like “You looking kind of unfamiliar right now.”

Looking At the People Begging for a Season 2 Like:

Haven’t you heard Twisted is Not the one…

mamamaddiehasson said: I love Jo. I don't hate Lacey. I like Lacey, I don't like Dacey and Janny is cute but .. I am more interested in the whole storyline not who is macking who. LOL

I’m guessing that you would like a piece of cookie for this great opinion of yours. 

I Can’t…

Everyone is in love with Jo and Jo made out with her brother.


Charlie is in love with Jo…awkard.

Danny is in love with Jo…that’s why he called her his sister.

Lacey is in love with Jo…and she don’t even know it.

Sarita is in love with Jo..left town because of it.

Archie is in love with Jo…he poisoned Cole for it.

Scott is in love with Jo…*silently waiting in the background*

Phoebe is Love with Jo..that’s why she moved to Chicago.

Tyler is in Love with Jo..his enigma. 

Rico is in love with Jo…he’ll drop Andie in a heartbeat.

Andie is in Love with Jo…Jo backed out of the Race for her.

The Ghost of Judy and Clara past is in Love with Jo..that’s why they left town making Lacey an orphan.

Green Grove is in Love with Jo..shit why not she’s the one.

The writers are in love with Jo…it’s always been Jo.

But guess what…

The fandom is NOT in love with Jo..Jo is not the one.